About us

The Performance Institute of Scotland is based at Noble House, Edinburgh and is the final piece in a long line of Noble House creations and developments.

We have an established approach to personal development and professional performance development based on our psychologically based approach to performance and performers wellbeing is the Psyche Approach.

Performance Institute of Scotland is our window on the world and how we support its performance and transformation… 




Dr. Denise Borland

Vocal Performance Psychology Specialist

Performance Consultant

PhD (Vocal Performance Psychology), Certified Transactional Analyst – CTA (Psychotherapy), MSc (Psychotherapy), MA (Vocal Performance), 7 years supervision (PTSD) - Babette Rothschild. Extensive Bodywork and Breathwork Training.

Special Interests:

  • Suicide prevention
  • Psychogenic voice issues
  • Bullying in the workplace (published research)
  • Progressive equality
  • Scotland pioneering a progressive wellbeing frame
  •  Authentic communication
  • Vocal Rehabilitation

Ali Bell

Vocal Performance Psychology Specialist

Performance Consultant

Head of Training Noble House, Certified Psyche Practitioner, Vanguard Practitioner Singer’s Psyche and Psyche Approach®, BMus (Hons), Somatic Trauma Therapy Training – Babette Rothschild, Bodywork and Breathwork training.

Special Interests:

  • Supervising Systemic change and structure
  • Solution-focused
  • Teaching change strategies to individuals and groups
  • Progressive Trauma Recovery
  • Bodywork
  • Creating calm, dog-human communication and relationship
  •  Authentic communication

The Psyche Approach®

We have together developed Noble House, where we are passionate about Transforming Individual Lives with our unique Psyche Approach® to personal and professional performance development/transformation.

This was based on Denise’s doctorate research “The Singer’s Psyche: A Vocal Performance Holistic Pedagogy for Singers’’ and all we have learnt over the years on a multitude of additional trainings. (See cv’s and previous work here).

The Psyche Approach is now a clear and developed approach to life and performance, including trauma recovery and vocal rehabilitation understanding. Having delivered trainings nationally and internationally over a number of years, we are now focussed, in the current challenging times, to working online.

Noble House

Noble House focuses on performance of all kinds. As professional singers we have an understanding of what being a professional performer entails. We have worked extensively on psychological thinking, body psychology especially breath and voice, trauma recovery and communication. 

We know the process of transformation and performance from concept, roll out and beyond. Of how people change/transform themselves, find their expression and maintain personal wellbeing. It can be complex and messy and tough, we believe it is always worth it! We understand how we change our performance, bringing in Denise’s psychotherapy trainings understanding of psychogenic voice loss/rehabilitation and Ali’s Embodied Singing framework for voice and singing development. Understanding singing for wellbeing, Ali started the Yes choir in 2018 which she directs and vocally arranges with Denise in a managerial roll. 

Noble House has it’s own Multi media suite and recording studio and we added this part of Noble House in 2019. Having completed a 3 year project of making their own music with support from Grammy award winner Dom Morley and with our company Bell and Bell Records.

Most recently in May 2020 we have added to Noble House the Performance Institute of Scotland offering ideas, support and thinking on how we change the world! Regarding Scotland and the people of Scotland as our biggest transformation challenge yet… outside of our own. Our unique focus is that the Person Behind The Performance holds the key to free aligned performance, hence all the additional trainings we undertook. 

We married 2015 and live with our furry family where Ali and Abe (our dog) continue to develop non verbal communication expertise. And Silver Bell (our cat)… she line manages us all!

We are experienced in 

How we change/transform ourselves and how we change/transform our performance.

We now with the Performance Institute introduce how we change/transform the world.


People of Scotland, welcome to Noble House and welcome to the Performance Institute of Scotland.

Denise and Ali 

The Location

Performance Institute of Scotland
25 Noble House, Frogston Road West, Edinburgh EH10 7AB