Professional Politicians

We see how hard you are working for us here in Scotland. We want to help. We consider you the rock stars if our time. Some of the difficulties you are facing are well documented in the performance industry and we have developed an approach that acknowledges and supports the tremendous use of self and performance required to maintain and sustain you in your lives and work .
We want to reach out, offer confidential support. You are vital to a progressive Scotland.


Inspiring the country with an authentic voice.

We see you asking for feedback, conversations and for us all to step up… so here we are.

We are here for you. For the performance and for the Person Behind the Performance that we know at times will feel like they have nowhere safe to turn.
The Performance Institute of Scotland offers you our confidential care, support and unique Scottish progressive services to keep you and your teams on the road. A road through these unmapped times and on to Independence.
We applaud, welcome and want to support the development of a Scottish society that values and supports wellbeing being as fundamental as GDP. 
Working to avoid burnout, vicarious trauma and on crisis management for the Person Behind the Performance.
Additionally working on voice and performance techniques across media platforms to elevate performance potency and to re-energise you through the next stages of Scotland’s development.