Professional Performers

The Performance Institute of Scotland is here for you.
We know it can be isolating and difficult in the public eye, sometimes without knowing who and where to turn. We offer confidential consultations and space to recharge, recuperate and develop personally and professionally.




Professionals helping professionals…

The Institute was created by Performers, for Performers.

So much bad practise has come into awareness in recent years and we know first hand the unhealthy environments performers and music industry professionals have been inhabiting.
Our professional performers are being asked to take on and overcome many new developments and crises with a growing awareness of personal and professional responsibilities and accountabilities.
We aspired to find an alternative way as the world and the industries continued to change. We now bring our full holistic and psychologically based approach to those who want change.
We help people, companies and systems to get into the 21st Century. We also offer support and camaraderie for our progressive professional performers to help navigate the changes, bring light in the dark times and keep them shining brightly and lighting the way for those they inspire.