Multimedia Suite

A Progressive Platform
Our mission is to make music we love and continue to bring new music based in Scotland out into the world and support the voices of Scotland being heard.


A New Creative Hub

We know the power of music and song and the spoken word, both for those creating and those who listen. At this time we continue to look at how we can keep Scottish grass roots music being generated and heard.

We want to create an online community of like minded musicians, entertainers and performers of all kinds – please contact us and connect. We would love to hear from you. We would very much like to get a Performance Institute of Scotland Collective going!   

We currently offer you live online and recorded music to enhance your political messages including Yes Choir, Denise Bell and Ali Bell.

Bespoke projects undertaken and available on request via Bell and Bell Records.

Be The Media… Want to say something to the clans?

Coming Soon! New Edinburgh Indy Live radio station here at Noble House, playing music, interviews etc. With heartfelt thanks to Indy Live for welcoming us onboard.

Post lockdown we very much hope to see and hear you in the studio.