Political Activists

We support progressive activists to continue to find ways to keep going through relentlessly tumultuous times. We support their wellbeing, vocal communication and performance skills and offer techniques, confidential and individualised support and development packages to inspire the inspirers.




Maintain your Passion, Drive and Ability to inspire…

… and look after yourself too.

As political activists we understand that it can be a lonely, exasperating and difficult role to take. Empathic, expansive and forward thinking people can find themselves exhausted, overwhelmed and under resourced, whilst walking a path less trodden and clear.  Social media abuse and comments of ‘this is not the time for politics’ can leave us wondering why we are bothering to put ourselves in the line of fire everyday.
As the foot soldiers of the Yes movement, there has never been more need to keep active and alert whilst managing the difficult changes and impact on our personal lives in this current new environment. At this time, we all need help and support. Political activists are vital to the Scottish political movement.
We help progressive Activists who are involved in the Indy movement to stay on the road and continue to inspire the nation with psychological and holistic health packages, performance and communication techniques. We also offer a confidential consultation to keep you feeling resourced, well inspired, motivated and supported so you can continue to develop and grow your own wellbeing and that of the Indy clans you inspire towards Scotland’s freedom.