Communities and Advocates

We help advocates, connectors and groups with networks, communities and followers, firstly to be supported in themselves, whilst nurturing connection, collaboration, care and wellbeing.

We offer individualised development and support strategies to sharpen their performance – honing their progressive, pioneering thinking and communication – to keep us all going through these challenging times towards independence and beyond.




Helping progressives to keep on progressing!

We confidentially support, supervise, troubleshoot, guide and navigate the bumps in the road. In addition, we offer understanding, strategies and support for the impact managing groups may be taking on you personally.

Helping progressives to… keep progressing! Move beyond ‘stuck’ or ‘under resourced’ to a sense of wellbeing.

At the Performance Institute, we know that keeping balanced and stabilised whilst growing and progressing our country takes an enormous amount of energy, grit, tenacity and determination. This can leave us drained and at times, at a loss as to what to do, say and how to move forward.

We offer a consistent base through the good times and bad, to keep you inspired and inspiring the Scottish people who are looking to you as their ‘rock’. We offer you us as your rock. We have your back… so you can keep moving towards freedom and show the country and the world the highest level of innovation and performance excellence.

With a short course of bespoke training at the Performance Institute we can work together on support, self care strategies, personal and professional supervision and performance tools to keep you on top and progressing further.

Longer term, you can ‘plug back into base’ or join our progressive community for ongoing development and support. Leaving you to do what you do best… inspire! Be a role model for others and shine brightly for Scotland to see and find its best way forward.