At the Performance Institute of Scotland, our mission is – 

  1. To progress the performance industry of Scotland and create a safe haven for those in the spotlight
  2. To support our progressive politicians and their teams with wellbeing and performance psychology thinking for both professional and personal use
  3. To support the people of Scotland through this difficult transformation process. Offer performance and wellbeing support for Independence supporters and create conversations with those who are still not sure if this is the way. So we can create together a community of individuals with clear, authentic, united voices.

We advocate for the psychological wellbeing of the people of Scotland and it’s progressive politicians, for a new music and creatives’ economy and a healthy media system.

As professional performers, educators and researchers, we saw our industry and other performers across many fields struggling to get close to wellbeing or sustaining high level performance. We developed an approach and working model at Noble House to help Transform Individual Performance and lives.
At the Performance Institute of Scotland we want to support the continued development of a strong, clear voice. A voice of united, authentic, progressive individuals.
We would love you to join us!
Denise & Ali


Professional Performers

The Performance Institute of Scotland is here for you.
We know it can be isolating and difficult in the public eye, sometimes without knowing who and where to turn.

We offer confidential consultations and space to recharge, recuperate and develop personally and professionally.

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We see how hard you are working for us here in Scotland. We want to help. We consider you the rock stars if our time. Some of the difficulties you are facing are well documented in the performance industry and we have developed an approach that acknowledges and supports the tremendous use of self and performance required to maintain and sustain you in your lives and work .

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Political Activists

We support progressive activists to continue to find ways to keep going through relentlessly tumultuous times.

We support their wellbeing, vocal communication and performance skills and offer techniques, confidential and individualised support and development packages to inspire the inspirers.

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We help advocates, connectors and groups with networks, communities and followers, firstly to be supported in themselves, whilst nurturing connection, collaboration, care and wellbeing. We offer individualised development and support strategies to sharpen their performance – honing their progressive, pioneering thinking and communication – to keep us all going through these challenging times towards independence and beyond.

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“My experience at Noble House was of authentic, generous facilitators who were skilfully balanced in their responsiveness to needs of group and individuals. I experienced an honouring, integrated & holistic approach which supported me in processing some deeply held stuckness”

“Thank you for a brilliant week. You are so generous in sharing your space and your expertise with us all and supporting us so skilfully. You create an atmosphere of welcome acceptance that makes it easy to relax and express yourself in the group.”

“Denise and Ali are both there, giving of themselves and time – supporting, cheerleading, and continuing to offer a safe space for people to connect and be genuinely and openly themselves, without judgement or shame. In full authenticity and integrity they empathise and care without rescue, encouraging people to listen to themselves and to respond with care for themselves. They help keep me sane, grounded and the best version of myself that I can be!”

“The focus is firmly on the person behind the performance, the passion behind the project; I experienced not only professional technical skill, but a service that placed my wellbeing at the heart of a transformative road-map to personal improvement.”